Through Outstanding Product Quality and Service Combined with Very Competitive Prices, Premier Fastener Meets and often Exceeds the Requirements of our Valued Customers in Numerous Industries.



We stock a full line of AN/MS/NAS hardware with lot traceability and manufacturer’s full certification for every part. All parts conform to DFARS 252.225-7009. From screws, washers and rivets to tube connectors, forgings and cap assemblies, our inventory is vast and comprehensive.

Stadium Seating

Our non-corrosive fasteners can be found in the stadiums of college and professional sport teams around the country. Standard and custom bolts, screws and nuts in both 304 and 316 stainless keep the seats free of rust and in good working order.


Being on the water demands the high-quality stainless steel fasteners that Premier was built on. We import a wide range of hex cap screws, carriage bolts, machine screws and self-tapping screws in both 304 and 316 stainless as well as brass and aluminum.

Water Technology

Large pipes carrying water and other liquids often require large hex bolts, large U-Bolts, and the nuts and washers that match. Premier carries a full range of U-bolts, both round-bend and square-bend, with rolled threads and cut threads, in diameters of ¼” up to 1-1/2”, ready for immediate delivery. If your job requires a custom size or feature, our lead times are short and our prices are low.

Air Pollution Control

Highly corrosive air requires highly non-corrosive fasteners that can withstand the punishing conditions of various chemical and gas interactions. 316 grade of stainless is often the best option and Premier has the sizes and production quantities you need readily available.

Medical Equipment

Premier can provide the miniature screws, custom stampings, spacers and standoffs in stainless steel, brass and nylon to meet the needs of medical device manufacturers. Custom kitting and packaging are always available.

Power Utilities

Silicon Bronze possesses the highest rating for both electrical and thermal conductivity of all common metals used for production fasteners. It’s also stronger than steel and highly corrosion resistant. Premier maintains a large inventory of silicon bronze hex cap screws, nuts and washers at very competitive prices.

Food Beverage Equipment

Premier carries every common size of stainless steel cap screw in inch sizes but we also carry all common metric sizes in A2 and A4 stainless. DIN 931 (Partial Thread) and DIN 933 (Full Thread) for jobs that are heading north to Canada or anywhere else in the world that prefers metric fasteners be used in their machines.

Solar Wind Energy

The future of energy is now here with solar panels and wind turbines contributing a larger share to our electric infrastructure every year. Along with our large inventory of stainless steel and silicon bronze fasteners, Premier continues to supply more and more Aluminum 2024 and Aluminum 6061 fasteners to the renewable energy industry.

Playground Equipment

Many manufacturers of children’s play equipment have switched from standard drive screws to security drive screws to prevent tampering. Pin-In Torx drives, Snake-Eye spanner drives, One-Way drives and Tri-Wing drives are all commonly used and Premier carries them in a variety of sizes in stainless steel so you can be sure they’ll last the life of the equipment.

Plumbing & Fixtures

From small set screws required to hang towel bars up to large brass toilet bolts needed to anchor toilet bowls to the ground, we have the fastener the plumbing fixture manufacturers and installers need at prices that’ll keep them coming back to Premier for all of their fastening needs.

Highway & Commercial Signs

Premier stocks the fasteners that the state DOT’s need to install and maintain standard highway signs both above and alongside the road as well as electronic signs now found throughout the freeway system in our country.